Disadvantaged Communities Grant Findings

Welcome! This page is a centralized location to showcase the findings from the Disadvantaged Communities Grant that has been a large portion of our work for the last several years.

  • Documentary Film

Over half of the communities in the Inyo-Mono IRWM region are disadvantaged according to the California statutory definition (80% or less of the statewide median household income).  Together with scarce water resources in this semi-arid climate, such disadvantage often means limited access to abundant and high-quality drinking water.  This film tells the water story of some of these communities and explores solutions being pursued by the Inyo-Mono IRWM Program.  We hope you enjoy it.
 This film was produced by Bristlecone Media of Bishop, CA, and was funded by the California Department of Water Resources through a Proposition 84 IRWM grant.

Living in the Rain Shadow: Stories of the Inyo-Mono Integrated Regional Water Management Program from Bristlecone Media on Vimeo.


  • DAC/Tribal Water Conference:  June 18, 2014

    DAC/Tribal Summit Tour Group June 2014
    DAC/Tribal Summit Tour Group June 2014

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the DAC/Tribal Water Conference on June 18.  This event was a culmination of the large amount of work that has gone into the DAC grant.  Below you can find the two Powerpoint presentations made during the conference.

– Mark Drew’s introductory presentation

– Holly Alpert’s talk on the DAC Grant

A description of the day’s discussions and outcomes is included in the final report for the DAC grant (see next section below).

  • DAC Grant Final Report

We are pleased to announce that the Final Report for the DAC project was  submitted to the Department of Water Resources on September 30, 2014.  The report is the culmination of nearly three years of work with disadvantaged communities in the Inyo-Mono region.  Within the report, a series of recommendations to the Department of Water Resources is included (Chapter 6).
DAC Final Report Chapter Headings
  1. Introduction to Disadvantaged Communities
  2. Water issues in rural DACs
  3. Disadvantaged Community Outreach & Engagement
  4. Assessing Needs and Building Capacity
  5. Synthesis and Lessons Learned
  6. Recommendations
  7. References

Final Report

Click on the cover image to read the report









  • DAC Visioning Workshop

As a way to strengthen our voice and the power of the recommendations from our report, we worked with representatives from the other DAC pilot project regions to convene a workshop of all seven pilot project regions and state agency personnel.  The result of this workshop is another set of recommendations being put forth by all seven regions and helped along by state agency staff.