Disadvantaged Communities

The Inyo-Mono Regional Water Management Group was awarded  $496,000 in grant funds from the California Department of Water Resources to identify and engage economically disadvantaged communities (DACs) in the Inyo-Mono region. Although the Inyo-Mono RWMG has already successfully engaged several DACs, including Native American Tribes, in the IRWM planning and implementation processes, there is a recognition that many more DACs exist and may be facing critical water supply, water quality, and/or environmental health issues. This grant allowed the RWMG to seek out and reach out to additional DACs in order to learn about relevant water issues and to encourage involvement in the Inyo-Mono IRWM program. The work performed through the grant included outreach meetings throughout the region, workshops to provide instruction on proposal development, data management, and climate change, and dissemination of findings back out to the affected communities as well as other interested parties.

The work on the grant began October 1, 2011, and continued through 2014. See the DAC Grant Findings page to learn about the outcomes of the grant work.